What are the various career options after engineering?

School education up to class X continues smoothly without having to take any major decisions. At the most, students make minor language choices like Hindi, Sanskrit or perhaps foreign languages like German or French. The first major turning point comes after class X when students have to choose a stream: arts, commerce or science. The choice of this stream depends upon what they intend to do in future. Honestly, students are too young at the time to understand their own inclinations or decide what they want to do. They are not even aware of the thousands of areas in which they can pursue studies. Most of them are influenced by parents, friends or relatives; some others base their decisions on their frugal experience of the world. Very few students are very clear about what they like and what they wish to do at any cost. Apart from these the usual choices are medical or engineering degrees. I do not understand why, but these two branches of study have an aura around them which continues to hypnotize students.
Parents feel ashamed of children if they cannot get admission in engineering colleges. They are prepared to spend their life’s earnings for paying donations to get admission.  People believe that they can prove theory worth only if they can get an engineering or medical degree. They fail to see that thousands of qualified engineers are jobless or working on very small salaries, compromising on their dreams and aspirations and regretting the day when they opted for engineering career. This is partly because they fail to see through the portals that open up after engineering course or any other course for that matter. They have a set notion that an engineer works as a top level technical head in a big company. Obviously, everybody cannot be lucky enough and the result is frustration.
In fact an engineering degree opens up a range of choices if you can get over the notion of working as an engineer in a company. Here are some career options after getting the engineering degree.

  • If you decide to continue studies further, you can enhance your qualification with an MBA degree or do post-graduation in your subject. In recent times, students prefer to complement their engineering degree with a computer course.
  • If you have a flair for writing, you can be a writer. Remember, as a student of engineering, you have certain experiences and knowledge that other professional writers do not have. The best example is Chetan Bhagat. He converted his experiences at IIT into raw material for one of the bestsellers. His book was also converted into a Bollywood film.
  • Setting up your own business is a wonderful option. You will be your own master and you can generate employment for others.
  • A course in engineering offers a rare kind of perspective of looking at common things in life. You may not believe it, but engineers can be very good photographers. Devendra Pubriya was an IIT student who later pursues his passion for photography.
  • If an engineering course is enhanced by relevant computer knowledge, you can develop unique software for various purposes that require the knowledge of both engineering and computers. You can add creativity and work wonders.
  • Engineering students are generally smart, have a lot of general knowledge and are experts in handling competitive and entrance examinations. You can start your own guidance centers or tuition classes, conduct workshops or training sessions. You can join a institute or work as a freelancer.
  • If you think you love to teach, you are qualified enough to teach the diploma engineering courses; so go ahead and do it. You can work as a lecturer in an engineering college.
  • A new area that hails you is blogging and content writing. Certain blogs require technical knowledge and special skills. You can work from home and enjoy freedom.
  • The technical know-how adds a technical edge to tasks like film making or making documentaries. This too can be a good career option.
  • Recently, I visited a ‘math’ or spiritual center in Maharashtra constructed and run by a Swamiji. It is wonderful place, but I was surprised to know that the Swamiji is an M.Tech from Powai!!! So? Getting the clue?

Actually, there is no limitation to what you can do. Getting an Engineering degree is not putting up a fence around you but opening a gateway of career options. If you look at it this way, you will be mesmerized with the number of career options you perceive after engineering

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