Lenovo Z6 Pro 2019 will be a 5G phone with a HyperVision camera Full Review / Specifications

Lenovo released a teaser poster last week that hinted at the launch of the Z6 Pro at MWC 2019. However, the Chinese giant didn’t announce the device at its press event today but it did release some details.

Lenovo spoke about 5G networks and how it will affect the smartphone industry. Lenovo’s VP Edward Chang who helmed the event said “Hyper Videos” will be the trend of the 5G era. Although he didn’t explain what Hyper videos are, he did say they will be transferred at higher speeds than current videos.

Phones that will record this hyper videos will feature new camera technologies and the Lenovo Z6 Pro (2019) will be one of them. He also mentioned that one manufacturer will launch a phone with a maximum camera resolution of 100MP.

Mr. Chang finally revealed that the Lenovo Z6 Pro (2019) will launch in China in June with support for 5G. The company announced a 5G partnership with China Unicom, so the Z6 Pro will most definitely be available on the carrier.

(Source by Notebook)